How to select a high quality ultrasonic cleaner?

High quality ultrasonic cleaner is the key point that people wanna get to decorate their home.

1.Manufacturing technique

You can judge from the surface of ultrasonic bath. Is there any burr or point of weld on the surface of the machine?


A high quality ultrasonic cleaner use high quality materials. The shell material and tank material of ultrasonic bath is very important, high quality materials are more resistant to corrosion. Poor quality materials can cause cracks, leakage, machine burn out under the high-frequency vibration.

3.Testing an important part of the ultrasonic cleaning machine – power drive board, also known as ultrasonic generator.

How to test an high quality ultrasonic cleaner?

1).Circuit board components should be installed firmly

2).The line width, line thickness and line distance should accord with the requirement to avoid the line heat, break, and short circuit

3).The copper sheet will not fall off easily under high temperature

4).The surface of copper is not easy to oxidize

5).There is no additional electromagnetic radiation

6).Appearance of the complete, no dislocation of screw hole

7).Circuit board has excellent high temperature, high humidity performance.

4.Ultrasonic transducer

Ultrasonic transducer connection welding process, welding spot are important for ultrasonic transducer. You’d better choose ultrasonic transducers produced by top manufacturer, besides, good layout, weld firmly are the basic requirements for a long time normal work.

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