• Which brand of ultrasonic cleaner is good ?

    In the competitive market of ultrasonic cleaner, There are still a lot of brands available, prices are also very different. How to buy an ultrasonic cleaner? Main parts of ultrasonic cleaner 1.Power drive board A lot of problems with ultrasonic cleaners are caused by power boards. When buying an ultrasonic cleaner, you can ask the manufacture to provide the pictures of the power board, and observe the materials and process. 2.Ultrasonic transducer Ultrasonic transducer is the ……

  • How to customize ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the requirements?

    Sometimes standard models of ultrasonic cleaners can’t  meet your  demand,it is necessary to customize the ultrasonic cleaning machine. What do you need to consider for a custom ultrasonic cleaner? 1.The tank material of ultrasonic cleaner. The main material in the market is 304 stainless stee. 316 stainless steel is recommended if weak acid and alkali resistance is required. For strong acid and alkali resistance,titanium plate is recommend. Please pay attention to i……

  • How to select a high quality ultrasonic cleaner?

    1.Manufacturing technique You can judge from the surface of ultrasonic bath. Is there any burr or point of weld on the surface of the machine? 2.Materials The shell material and tank material of ultrasonic bath is very important, high quality materials are more resistant to corrosion. Poor quality materials can cause cracks, leakage, machine burn out under the high-frequency vibration. 3.Testing an important part of the ultrasonic cleaning machine – power drive board, a……

  • Common fault and solutions of the ultrasonic cleaner

    Please do not start the machine if no any water and solution in the ultrasonic cleaner tank, to avoid the air vibration. Or the vibration head will damage easily. Therefore, please use and operate the ultrasonic cleaner correctly. Common fault and eliminating method 1.Switch on the ultasonic cleaner , No LED indicator ,No ultrasonic. Cause: Power socket is Ok, no electricity input. (ACFU)Fuse burned-out. 2. Switch on the ultasonic cleaner, LED indicator light on, No ultrasonic. ……

  • What’s the degas functions ?

    1, Greatly shorten the heating or colling time after water injection, It is good for the system after the first adjustment. 2. Remove the gas ,prevent the gas resistance, ensure the stability of the ultrasonic system during the machine is normal working. 3. Eliminate the cavitation of water pump and reduce the noise. 4.After the oxygen removal from water, It will reduce the aerobic corrosion and extend the service life. 5. After the oxygen removal from water, It will improves the……

  • How to choose the ultrasonic power ?

    If the ultrsonic power too small , it will spend long time to remove the dirt. For the industry cleaning ,the ultrasonic power will be from 100W-1500W.  Before cleaning , please take the cleaning tank size if can fill in your objects, the clening power depend the size of the cleaning tank. The larger of ultrasonic cleaner, The higher ultrasonic power. So the better way is to do the experiment at the first time, and then choose the appropriate ultrasonic cleaner. In addition, you can ……

  • DK SONIC invites you all to visit our booth at parts2clean Stuttgart

    DK SONIC invites you all to visit our booth at parts2clean Stuttgart in / 22- 24, Oct 2019.Parts2clean is the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, which takes place once a year in Stuttgart.  And it will will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 22. October to Thursday, 24. October 2019 in Stuttgart Germany.

  • Welcome to visit our booth 3B-A34 at Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2019

    Exhibition:  HKTDC–Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2019( Spring Edition). Date:  April 13rd-16th, 2019. Location:  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong. Booth:  3B-A34

  • DK SONIC launched a series of touch control ultrasonic cleaner –PF series

    Digital ultrasonic cleaner with advanced smart touch panel, dual frequency & power sweep functions.  Power sweep mode is a cleaning mode which circulates the power of an ultrasonic wave from a low value to a high value and make cleaning liquid generate cavitations of different degrees, so as to peel off or scrub the debris, dirt or contaminants on or inside stuffs cleaned. PF series

  • New Product launched ! Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner –TS series

    Digital ultrasonic cleaner with advanced smart touch panel,  high dual frequency 40 & 80Khz , degas , power adjustable functions . And different ultrasonic mode optional : Common, Pulse、Turbo Sweep、Power sweep etc. TS series

  • New Product launched! Household Ultrasonic Cleaner (DK-9600T)

    DK-9600T:  A professional-grade cleaning tool that gently cleans eyeglasses, jewelry, watch, razors and more!DK-9600T Feature: .42KHz for intensive rinse  .Free time setting among 90-720S .Long service life and high stability  .Touch control interface with green LED .Die-casting SUS304 stainless steel tank 

  • DKSONIC expand the plant area to 2000 square meters

    In order to expand the production capacity and shorten the lead time of goods, DK SONIC expanded warehouse capacity in the 2018,now DK SONIC plant area reached 2,000 square meters. It makes DK SONIC becomes the third biggest manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners in China. There are two big warehouses in DK SONIC. One is for raw materials and the other is for finished products. They can supply enough raw materials for production no matter how many pieces products customers need, and eno……