39L Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner


SUS 304 stainless steel welding tank
Industrial grade integrated circuit
0-80ºC temperature range
1-99 minutes working time
28KHz for gross rinse or 40KHz for intensive rinse


Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are suitable to clean irregular and complex specialized instruments, components and PCBs of sundry shops, workshops, factories, etc.

We also have other series products, such as:


Model No.Function(same as)Tank Size(mm)Overall Size(mm)Capacity(L)Frequency(KHz)Ultrasonic Power(W)Heating Power(W)Timing(min)Temp(ºC)
DK-3900TT Series530*320*230630*375*5603928/40720/0~20/Always On/
DK-3900HH Series530*320*230630*375*5603928/4072015000~20/Always On20~80ºC
DK-3900DD Series530*320*230630*375*5603928/4072015001~990~80ºC
DK-3900SS Series530*320*230630*375*5603933,4072015001~990~80ºC
DK-3900PP Series530*320*230630*375*5603928/400~72015001~990~80ºC

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