Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaners

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Ultrasonic cleaner is a new method widely used in the industrial field. For example,it can remove the surface of the workpiece grinding, polishing after the surface residual debris, remove the workpiece surface residual oil, and even remove the paint layer. In addition,ultrasonic cleaning can be applied from large to small industrial parts, big to aircraft engine overhaul, small to watch parts production, have the use of ultrasonic cleaning. To sum up, the ultrasonic cleaning industry is widely used in electronics, precision machinery, lighting engineering, optics, medical equipment, and many other fields.

Below are some application of an ultrasonic cleaner

28Khz ultrasonic Cleaner
Dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner
  1. Electronic industry

Ultrasonic cleaner can clean machine parts. For example, switches, and printed circuit boards, including small cracks that can be cleaned very clean.

2. Medical industry

Ultrasonic can clean syringes, surgical instruments, glass containers and dentures. Therefore, it has a good role in the disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments.

3. Optical industry

Glasses and jewelry in daily life work with an ultrasonic cleaner. In short,its cleaning speed is fast, without damage, and it has a good protective effect on the cleaned objects.

To understand the value of ultrasonic cleaning. Firtsly, we need to understand further the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is mainly a “cavitation effect”. That is to say, every minute, tens of thousands of vacuoles burst inward and hit the surface of the workpiece. stripping the attachment on the surface of the workpiece and dispersing it. Meanwhile, the frequency of ultrasonic cleaning is between 20 kHz ~ 50 kHz, and the cleaning temperature is between 50-80℃. Ultrasonic cleaning has a good cleaning effect, which is the biggest characteristic of ultrasonic cleaners.

Moreover,Ultrasonic cleaning also has the following advantage:

  1. Thoroughly clean the gaps in the workpiece

Ultrasonic cleaner for manual and other cleaning methods can not be completely effective for the cleaning of the workpiece. In other words, it can thoroughly meet the requirements of cleaning, cleaning the complex workpiece on the corner of the dirt.

  • Batch cleaning of various workpieces

No matter how complex the shape of the workpiece, put it in the cleaner. After that, as long as it touch the liquid, the effect of ultrasonic cleaning can be achieved.

  • 3. Multifunctional cleaning method

Ultrasonic cleaner combine with different solvents to achieve different effects. In short, it can meet different supporting production processes.

  • 4. Reduce pollution

Ultrasonic cleaner supporting circulatory filtration system can realize the recycling of cleaning solvent repeated use. For example, it save water resources, and reduce pollution and reduce the damage of toxic solvent to humans, very environmental protection.

  • Reduce the workforce

In conclusion, ultrasonic cleaner can realize automatic cleaning and drying of the workpiece. Greatly reducing the number of personnel and cleaning time required by manual cleaning.

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